Alexa is a great tool and a lot of people use it to find out weather info, news, and other details. Alexa can also be used for shopping, and that’s where things get tricky. Recently, a publishing company named Hearst Corp launched a product named O to Go that allows you to get an inspirational quote from Oprah Winfrey’s latest book.

While this seems like an innocent thing, it does open the door to a wide array of possibilities. You have to imagine that Alexa can be used by people to search recommendations from famous people. Those people can be paid a lot of money to recommend something, and that is obviously going to bring in some unique and interesting ideas to the table.

Granted, Alexa isn’t offering this type of service anymore, but the product does open up the door to such a possibility. It’s not something easy to integrate, but it can be done and highlights future trends in digital marketing.

By 2020, there will be seven billion voice-enabled devices worldwide. Amazon’s Alexa is expected to control the voice-assistant market with 64 percent, over twice the share of the 28 percent Google Home will hold. That means in just a brief time Amazon will have 500 million customers.

With more and more tools like Alexa entering homes, it will be easier for you to follow an influencer and maybe purchase the stuff he/she recommends. This is a great tool for some, but it does go to show that people are very easy to direct towards a specific idea. It’s going to be quite a challenge and the most demanding thing is that influencer marketing is going to take advantage of that.

If anything, this new system is set to help people earn a lot of money, at least for influencers. Whether this will become a thing or not soon, it’s really hard to say.

Alexa and other voice-responsive platforms are still very early-stage, but the potential is there. Thinking in terms of how Alexa and other mediums may integrate with influencer marketing in the future hinges on two crucial factors:

How influencers themselves can play a role in the adoption of the dynamic

What analytics and insights from voice technology can do to improve the performance of campaigns. A future challenge for digital marketers will be integrating paid search and other marketing tactics into voice platforms without intruding on people’s lives.

This is just one potential route for how Alexa and other similar devices will weave their way into the world of marketing, specifically influencer marketing. But already, we’re seeing that the shift is inevitable.

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