If you are completing an ICO, and you want to make sure that you know blockchain currency is a hit, it’s very important that you use the right marketing campaign. Public relations instills trust in a new token offering and a failed ICO could lead to problems with your currency up front. Here are some of the biggest ideas when you are running public relations with your token offering:

Consider wallet design and security

Without a great wallet or a functional digital wallet for your clients to save your currency, there will always be some potential problems with your product in the future. Creating your wallet, or having a digital wallet that is approved by your company, will help to ensure that you are ready to offer some of the best in secure payments.

Think about the economics involved

In order to instill proper public relations you need to have the answers up front. Decide how much you want to raise in total, the total number of blockchain tokens that you will issue and how many that your team will release independently for profits pre ICO.

Focus on sell orders

Based off of the most popular currency pairs, it is important to start producing online trading charts for how your currency will trade. Making sure that you can trade with currency pairs like bitcoin, USD, EUR, CNY, DEX, and more is important.

Launching a quality website

Promoting your ICO before it officially launches will play an important role in getting your customers excited about the prospect of using your currency. Helping your customers  understand more about your currency and sharing information on a very official website will help to instill trust in your blockchain offering too.

Consider some of these top ideas for creating a customer service department and early public relations campaigns for your token offerings.