Bounty campaigns are an extremely popular method of supporting an ICO within the blocking community. Bounty campaigns are otherwise known as crowd fill campaigns and they involve a reward fund volume of one to three percent of all of the funds received during a token sale.

Basically users participate by promoting the currency and getting a chance at the bounty prize. Users will be asked to tweet out or share a mention of a particular cryptocurrency through hashtags and content that is produced by the company starting the cryptocurrency. If a person is able to regularly promote the cryptocurrency they will be checked and credited for their participation. With a checked signature, the bounty pool will go out to every user that made a share.

Writing about the campaign does take work but with the help of some software that checks on social media mentions, you can ensure that every participant can be verified through the system and automatically credited for their time. As well as crediting individual members you can also introduce various members of leveled memberships this way too. Many cryptocurrencies in the past have introduced signatures or rewards for regularly completing this action.

If the user, for example, was to promote the cryptocurrency every week with three posts for a series of six months they could be upgraded to a higher membership level and get a larger percentage of the bounty from their sharing. Top members may receive a two percent bonus for example whereas some first-time sharers may receive just a one percent bonus. Introducing various levels of membership with your ICO bounty process will really offer incentive for people to continue to run a bounty campaign for your marketing and for the success of your currency over time.