We specialize in finding underpriced attention, understanding emerging trends and capitalizing on cultural moments. Culture hacking and deliberate serendipity are what we are obsessed with!

Event Strategy

In order to best serve you, we’ll scope different event landscapes and give you recommendations on where the absolute best place is for your event. We base our searches on your business objectives so that we can find the most beneficial place for your business’ event. Let us handle this so that you and your team can focus on your brand and how you’ll enjoy being on the trend train in your community.

Creative Concept

The most successful events are those that are built for social networking. We know that our understanding of social behaviors is the best in the business. We are your No. 1 place to go for to create a shareable event, and our goal is to maximum number of people you can have at your event and be the most beneficial for your business. We are unique in this industry because of how e approach our customer’s needs and you won’t find something else like it anywhere else.

Culture Hacking

With the countless number of brands that are out there, playing the field is extremely competitive. We can help you create a new trend and be more successful than the ones who have tried to complete this race before you. Let us help you not only ride the trend, but rise above it with your event.

Brand partnership

Once you’ve risen to the top with your brand and control the trend hierarchy, everyone will be wanting to join you in your success. Of course, you will want to let a few people in, but you want to make sure that it’s the right ones. We’ll pinpoint the right people you’ll want to be working alongside to make your trend and event the best that it can be. Developing your place is imperative to surviving the trends market, but you’ll want to know how to best get your spot in B2B leadership. This is where we can help!