2017 was the year that many people will remember for when cryptocurrency took the nation by storm. The massive increase in the value of digital currency, such as Bitcoin cryptocurrency, certainly caught the attention of many people from all over the world. The high returns from this digital currency was appealing enough for many, despite numerous claims of the crypto market being nothing but a deceit. Nonetheless, millions of regular people have chosen to start investing in cryptocurrency.

In response to the surge of crypto market revolution, we began to see more and more Initial Coin Offering, or token sale. As more and more people began investing in cryptocurrency markets, more and more companies started to realize that they could use the new technology to raise funds for their projects. As a result, more and more token sales started launching by a variety of different companies.

With more and more token sales launching every month, your project needs to stick out from the rest. The question is, how can one launch a successful token sale in order to maximize the capital it generates? In this blog, we are going to cover some essential information and tips to help companies running token sales improve their chances of generating huge returns.

Who Can Launch An Token Sale?

Blockchain will move from exploration into production scenarios. Overall, we can expect to see a lot more Blockchain applications in 2018. Large companies in the financial and technology sector will begin introducing new platforms and tools based on Blockchain and distributed ledger technology as space matures.

One of the developments in 2017 was the boom and the launch of token sales. Regulators worldwide have started to focus on token sales to protect investors. We expect further regulation on token sales in 2018 in a growing number of countries. As regulations grow this will lead to a reevaluation of the market and more careful selection of future cryptocurrency investment projects.

Companies and teams launching Blockchain initiatives should ensure they are issuing legally compliant tokens by working with top-tier legal teams before launching a token sale campaign.

How To Launch A Successful Token Sale Marketing Campaign

Even though the crypto market is still a relatively unknown phenomenon, digital currency has proved that it is here to stay. This is why numerous people are launching their own token sale campaigns almost every day. Because token sales have had little regulation, companies used them to raise funds for new ventures, in other words, they use token sales to sell a small portion of digital currency to investors. This enabled companies to gain initial funds to develop their own products, and for investors to receive a portion of token shares. However, 2018 is the year of increasing regulation in a growing number of countries. This year, legislators and regulators are focusing on the cryptocurrency and ICO industry. The ICO market is maturing and investors in the space are evaluating the market with a more detailed selection of future cryptocurrency investment projects.

However, token sales are no walk in the park — they are very demanding. In order to build a successful token sale marketing campaign, you will need to prepare an effective strategy before launching your campaign. If you are planning on launching a token sale campaign of your own, be sure to follow the essential tips below.

Tip #1: Understand your audience

If you plan on launching a campaign that targets everyone, you will likely have no success. In order to have success, your target market needs to be condensed so that you are speaking to your ideal customer. Before launching a marketing strategy, it is essential to first identify the customer that you are trying to connect with and then conduct extensive research. Once you have identified a target audience, it will be much easier to condense your campaign range to draw in the exact type of investors or customers that you are looking for.

Tip #2: Plan and set goals

Before launching a token sale, it is essential to create a detailed plan outlining the project, determining its goals, and finding a team to work on it. Planning a token sale will ensure that you have a plan set and ready, and it will show investors that your token sale is cared about, well managed, and on track to being successful. If you launch a token sale without the proper planning, it will likely result in the creation of unclear or unrealistic project goals. This will deter investors from the project and believe that their investment is not worthwhile.

Tip #3: Make content marketing a priority

Today’s digital world revolves around content. In order to have a successful token sales campaign, it is important to incorporate education and engaging content. By creating a content strategy that pushes out relevant and engaging content, you will likely have better success growing organically. This will attract those who not only engage with your brand but also promote and recommend your brand your brand by sharing the content with others in their network. By making content marketing a priority, you will likely have more success getting your brand in front of the right audience. Engaging micro influencers is a powerful route to market, where strategic brand campaigns reach engaged audiences, especially on social media, very quickly. Working with the right industry influencers for your campaign is essential to its success.

Tip #4: Start blogging

Speaking of content marketing, blogging is a great way to achieve marketing goals for your token sale campaign. Blogs are a great resource for readers to receive the latest news, updates, and articles that are relevant to your project. Blogs can also serve as an archive where potential investors can find relevant and valuable posts. Blogs are the backbone of the entire content marketing strategy, and can really help push your token sale and brand in front of the right audience.

Tip #5: Establish a social media presence

When it comes to launching an token sale marketing campaign, social platforms are some of the most powerful weapons you can use to your advantage. Depending on your targeted audience, not all social media channels will have the same results. However, establishing a presence on channels that your ideal customers are active on can yield big results. Reaching followers can get your closer to your goal, and there are plenty of effective ways to integrate social platforms with a content strategy. This is why identifying a target audience in a marketing strategy is so essential, as certain people tend to be more active on specific social channels. Your social presence needs to be in line with that of your audience, and the content shared should tell a story in an authentic.

Tip #6: Utilize the press

Press releases can make a huge difference in the sale of your token. Your audience needs to know about your token sale and there are effective options available to spread the word about your brand. Press releases can be published by top-tier websites and cryptocurrency market news outlets to gain a large amount of traffic. Usually, you will have to pay a premium to have a press release published, however, they should not be overlooked as they can enable you to broaden your organic reach, potentially bringing in right investors.

Tip #7: Use email marketing to optimize token sales

Many businesses are starting to see email marketing as ineffective, however, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, email marketing still reigns as a supreme tactic. In order to gain a large yield from email marketing, there is work that must first be done. It is essential to build your own email list, as sending marketing emails to people without their consent can result in a negative reputation for your project, not to mention being illegal. Once a list of strong leads is built, it is easier to optimize your token sale interest base. With email marketing, you can easily promote existing and new content, upcoming events, or any specific deals.


In order to have a successful token sale marketing campaign, content is key. By creating engaging and relevant content with a target audience in mind, you will be better enabled to grow your brand and attract more participants and potential investors. If you need assistance with your token sale marketing campaign, visit our website to learn more!