Two markets are intersecting right now: legal cannabis and cryptocurrency. The cannabis market is predicted to reach a valuation of up to $50 billion by 2026, and cryptocurrency marketcaps have well surpassed 700 million.

As most are aware, there are many cryptocurrencies on the market. Most of these coins claim to provide a complete solution to the cannabis industry without knowing or defining the specific challenges that the industry faces.

CannaSOS offers a strong team of visionaries that are integrating the blockchain technology with the cannabis industry worldwide. The team is extensively involved with individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry, positioning the team and platform to effectively address major problems faced by the industry from angles.

The Platform

Since 2014 the team has been working together on developing CannaSOS to over 315,000+ registered members, 1000+ business pages, 4,900+ marijuana strain database and 200+ social groups.

The platform offers many defining features when compared to other solutions. The strain filter is more comprehensive than Leafly’s and provides more unique data, considering gender, age, effect duration time and more. The advice system is similar to Quora, but related to the cannabis industry, providing faster and more accurate results. CannaSOS also offers the freedom of communication between like-minded people through blog posts and groups based on social outlet.

CannaSOS are strategically expanding their professional partnerships to provide further integrations into the financial infrastructure within the cannabis community. As their platform continues to further integrate into the cannabis industry, leveraging their growing user base and tokenizing their reward system, PCTToken is positioned to set the standard for the Cannabis and CryptoCurrency Industry.

Meet The Founders

Oleg Cheine has over 17 years of experience, specializing in sales and management, as well as the implementation of marketing plans and strategies. Oleg’s expertise is in business development, creating and overseeing website functional and architectural design, software design, generation of sales and maximizing profits.

Luba has over 8 years of successful entrepreneurial experience within the health and cannabis industries. She is closely involved with researching strains, communicating with patients and businesses in the industry.

Vas Shestakov, Vit Ivanov, Sergey Shnerson, Anton Yakovlev handle all technological aspects of CannaSOS and provide the foundation and support for the infrastructure fueling the PCT Transaction platform.

Daniel is an Account Manager and Co-Founder of CannaSOS. Daniel plays the pivitoal role of gaining users for the company’s platform and crafting their message to the worldwide cannabis industry.

When asked about the future of PerksCoin and the PCT Transaction Platform Daniel optimistically stated:

“We want to make PerksCoin like Bitcoin, just without the serious volatility, with a Secure Sale feature like PayPal’s Seller Protection, almost instantaneous transactions, without  P2P fees all with a universal and recoverable wallet.”

CannaSOS founders have 40+ years of combined experience in sales, healthcare, software development and of course the cannabis industry. They have built a team of top-tier professionals and made strategic partnerships within the cannabis industry to expand their business.

From an investor’s standpoint, a great team behind the project is one of the most important factors when deciding on contributing to a token sale.

Where is CannaSOS Headed After the Token Sale

CannaSOS has just begun the development of the CannaSOS online store ahead of the scheduled ICO roadmap. Currently, all products located in the Store are only up for display and users are unable to directly purchase products.

With the CannaSOS Store, the existing design of the Store will be user-friendly and attractive, and will allow the  community to purchase and sell different products and services through the website.

The CannaSOS Store will have Secure Sale, a program, and will incorporate into it all partnered cryptocurrencies.  The main transaction medium will be PerksCoin. The CannaSOS Store was originally planned for development in April of 2018, but is being developed ahead of schedule.

Perkscoin will begin listing on exchanges in late March. More details will be announced at a later date. At the forefront of two nascent industries, the CannaSOS Global PTP Ecosystem is positioned as industry leaders addressing obstacles in the financial, advertising, and loyalty sectors within the cannabis industry all before their token offering and blockchain and digital currency integration. Stay tuned for more platform updates and news on the CannaSOS Global PTP Ecosystem very shortly.

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