CannaSOS, being used as a bridge platform between consumers and cannabis vendors, is integrating its existing social platform and reward system into the Blockchain ICO to provide a comprehensive solution to the growing cannabis industry for the two greatest challenges: Digital Advertising and Banking.

The legal cannabis industry has two major problems; industry professionals can’t use traditional banking or digital advertising platforms. CannaSOS has addressed these problems for years through their reward platform and is now tokenizing their solution, addressing the biggest investor reservation with cannabis coins, industry adoption and viable use cases.

CannaSOS is an established social network and advertising platform facilitating growth, interaction, and commerce within cannabis industry. CannaSOS was established in 2014, and has already added over 315,000 registered members and 200 social groups to their growing platform.


The PCT Transaction Platform (PTP)

The PCT Transaction Platform (PTP) is a primary mechanism that will allow subscribers to conduct financial operations with PCT token. PTP is a solution to the financial setbacks faced by the cannabis industry. PTP is set to run on the decentralized blockchain technology.

The PCT Transaction Platform will minimize fraud and illicit activity in the digital marketplace, help to resolve disputes fairly with the use of decentralized blockchain technology, promote honest business practices and build strong B2B and B2C relations.

Once developed and launched the platform will exist as an autonomous entity, regulated by the participants of the blockchain. The platform will incorporate a cryptocurrency wallet and be free to use by the public.

Secure Sale Feature

To protect Buyers and Sellers engaged in online transactions involving PCT token, PCT Transaction Platform will offer a Secure Sale service. This paid service will aim to reduce fraud in the marketplace while stimulating Sellers to build trustworthiness. Secure Sale features will include escrow, arbitration, and appeal services.

The Secure Sale feature will stimulate cannabis-related businesses to adopt PerksCoin Token as the main transaction medium for all marketplace, advertising, and loyalty-based operations.

The Secure Sale feature is designed to benefit the Buyers, ensuring Sellers fulfill their obligations. The decentralized arbitration system will provide transparency to all disputes.


The escrow service is designed to benefit the Buyer, ensuring fulfillment of promises outlined by the Seller. The funds payable by the Buyer upon purchasing of a product will be held by the system in escrow until the product is successfully delivered.

The system will use sophisticated tracking and client feedback mechanisms to confirm delivery of purchased goods within allocated time-frame. Once the Buyer confirms the delivery of the purchased item the funds will be released by the system and transferred to the Seller.


The arbitration service is designed to establish Seller’s trustworthiness and govern product quality, promoting fairness in the marketplace.

The arbitration mechanism will engage participants of the blockchain using voting mechanism. A party at fault will be subject to a fine. The PCT tokens seized as a fine will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed by burning.


An appeal process is designed to benefit the Sellers, protecting from wrongful accusations and illegitimate claims brought forth by Buyers. The Seller can apply for an appeal, by submitting an explanation and presenting evidence to the participants of the blockchain. In case the wrongfully accused party is acquitted, the other party will be subjected to a fine.

The Secure Sale feature will be a paid service. The rendering party will be responsible for paying a service fee in PCT tokens. The fee amount will be determined based on a vote by blockchain participants. PCT tokens collected as a payment for Secure Sale service will be removed from the blockchain via burning.

What is PRC Coin and Token?

Since 2016, CannaSOS has integrated a reward system called PerksCoin on their platform. CannaSOS is a successful prototype of a global cannabis ecosystem that has been utilized and integrated within the industry for three years.

After developing their platform and userbase, CannaSOS developed Perkcoin as a customer retention and participation strategy. Perkcoin is a unique points system and an exclusive bonus program available to all users. The coins rewards users for social participation and customer loyalty. Vendors enroll Perkcoin to promote their practice and products. Members redeem the Perkcoin points for CannaSOS merchandise.

The CannaSOS Wallet has been updated with the ability to combine cryptocurrency wallets with the CannaSOS existing wallet for its reward system. CannaSOS has outlined their detailed plans for PRC token in their whitepaper.

What’s Next

The PCT token is much more than another Blockchain solution or cryptocurrency ico investment. PCT token and the CannaSOS Global PTP Ecosystem offer a comprehensive solution to a community veiled in the shadows of a black-market, offering a realignment for our society regarding freedom of data, finances and personal choice.

If you have skin in the game, you’re a very credible voice for the Global PTP Ecosystem and PCT Token  – please help us get the word out about sale however you can. We appreciate everything supporters of CannaSOS have done. Now let’s expand our community by reaching out to people you know and any investors you can reach. If you are in need of cryptocurrency ico consulting, contact Camuso Media & Consulting today.

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