As the world continues to become entrenched with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies we hope to share useful insights and offer explanations about this societal shit rather than just commenting on rising market-caps.

On a monthly basis, our team will provide Blockchain Industry Updates including market capitalization analysis, overview in market trends and events , top token offerings of the month, tax/regulatory trends and much more.

In addition, we will provide updates on new companies that we have partnered with to promote their token offerings or blockchain startups.

We are very strong proponents of Blockchain technology, taking our evangelism to ESPN Radio and financial publications such as Financial Advisor IQ and subsequently stating the benefits and breakthroughs of blockchain.

This market is already here,” ….. “even if an uncertain regulatory environment creates short-term uncertainty for institutional investors like pension funds and big endowments,” says founder Patrick in one of his talks with Financial Advisor.

We are very excited to share the companies that our team chooses to partner with and provide the latest industry news to keep you up to date on the Blockchain industry.

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