One of the biggest barriers to entry in blockchain and an ICO offering is making sure that customers have the right answers. Chat bots can often be one of the best tools within blockchain to ensure that you can deliver the best sales and receive the best engagement during the course of the launch with an ICO.

Chat bots are a form technology that can work to deliver customer service and sales support. With blockchain you can get access to some forms of marketing automation through one of these chat bots. Every time that someone visits the website for the ICO, they can be presented with the option to submit their queries to the chat bot in order to have it submit a series of other predetermined responses. The chatbot will deliver advice based off of the blockchain status and based off of the current status of the currency.

This can be the next closest thing to having live representatives available on your website which can be next to impossible in the early stages of an ICO release. It’s simply not easy to pay support staff in these early stages of a release, so ensuring that there is at least some type of customer service on the website can help ensure that customers will be able to receive the FAQ support necessary to launch your ICO successfully.

This form of marketing automation stands as one of the best solutions for blockchain launches with ICO. Although it will take time to program a chat bot, it can be much more effective than paying many live representatives especially when an ICO really starts to take off. Launching an official FAQ for searchability in addition to keeping a chat bot script open on the website will help ensure that the adoption of your ICO is more successful and trusted.