With blockchain offerings and ICO marketing strategy it’s very important that anyone releasing a new type of coin is able to create a value proposition for that currency almost immediately. With so many types of cryptocurrency available today it’s tough to immediately create a value proposition in something that is unique within the market. Here are some tips on how you can use marketing strategy and blockchain so that your currency can take off quickly and have an almost instant value:

Strike a major marketing deal

Being in the public eye early on can be a huge tool for an ICO. If you can offer some type of exclusive rights with a retailer or become available for trade on a major website early on, the value of your cryptocurrency will skyrocket. Something as simple as offering your cryptocurrency as a payment option on one major e-commerce store could increase the trust in your cryptocurrency, in addition to the value  in the currency as well.

Do something unique

There are so many cryptocurrencies in new ICO’s that are simply releasing a product that is scaled or copied directly from bitcoin or another established cryptocurrency. By doing something that’s a little bit unique and that could be perceived as being more valuable than some of the world’s best cryptocurrencies today, you can offer greater value to your customers. Starting from the drawing board and working to build something that is more effective than current cryptocurrencies may sound like a lot of work, but it is the only way that your ICO could one day compete with the value of bitcoin.

If you are interested in building a successful ICO you need to work at creating an effective value proposition. With your marketing, and by instilling confidence in your investors you can do just this. Remember that effective value propositions often take time to build but after a few years of work it is possible that the rapid adoption of your cryptocurrency could occur!