Brand marketing is always important for any type of business and, if used adequately, it can bring in front some tremendous opportunities. The reason why there is significant buzz around AI is because of its ability to revolutionize the digital landscape, as it delivers a tremendous set of options and possibilities.

Podcasting and the rise of Alexa voice is here today. The novelty of being able to use natural language to communicate with your device is going to change the world.  For the past 24–36 months, brands, and individuals have gotten serious about audio. The problem is, there still isn’t a lot of great original content to consume which opens an opportunity for those who can produce top quality content.

People are very tired and stressed, so interacting with AI instead of opening a computer or tapping on a mobile device is becoming a very real trend. In fact, AI-powered voice products like Amazon Echo or Google Home are getting traction in the online world.

Consumers have begun to replace entertainment with information to get ahead. The reason people are consuming more content than ever is that the consumption tools are now portable and enable individuals to take advantage of every second.

All major technology providers are investing in development and improvement of these intelligent digital assistants. Google has Google Assistant, Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, and Microsoft has Cortana. These voice-enabled virtual assistants are shaping an increasingly large part of consumers’ everyday lives.

According to Google, around 20% of search queries on mobile devices are voice searches. With numbers projected to increase rapidly as virtual assistant technology continues to develop and be perfected, this trend has revolutionized the way people search for content.

The rising use of voice search is getting to a point where businesses need to start taking voice seriously and begin to consider where it might fit into their customer experience and SEO strategies.

Apparently, it seems that there will be around 67 million people that will use this technology until 2019, and we can imagine that there will be 100 million or more in 2022, based on these calculations. Does it matter? Yes, because even right now, there are 45 million users for these devices, and they are becoming popular because they continue to get more and more features.

They are smart speakers, but they also harness the power of AI in unprecedented ways. That alone makes using AI more interesting, because these features and tremendous value is something that’s very hard to come by nowadays.

Plus, this technology is getting more and more powerful. It has the potential to become integrated in any product that we may use. So, we will soon encounter refrigerators, cars and even a wide range of other devices with this feature.

One thing is certain, this is the future of technology and it’s brighter than ever before. And yes, voice AI is certainly going to play a huge role in all of this. When will this happen is a bit hard to say, but with this type of feature becoming more and more common, we can expect it to take control over the market in the very near future!

Voice search is changing how consumers seek information and make purchases. In the future customers may be able to talk to their cars, refrigerators, thermostats, lamps and all kinds of devices in and outside their homes. This shift opens a new landscape for search marketing. Paid voice search is on the horizon, and while it’s still not clear how it will work, brands need to be ready for it.

People are using voice search in a unique way and with different user intents, which means you need to rethink your approach to keyword targeting. The real challenge for marketers in a voice orientated web is turning conversations into conversions.

Here at Camuso Media & Consulting, we do have the ability to integrate voice technology solutions into your marketing and PR campaigns. If you are interested to know more about voice technology and how this might benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have.