Traditional broadcasting and social media channels are restricted by the FCC forcing cannabis brands to develop creative solutions to reach new customers and scale business. Cannabis companies want to embrace digital advertising, but the industry is not ready for their business. Cannabis entrepreneurs view the biggest hurdle for the next stage of the industry’s evolution as the expansion of their business reach with digital marketing.


CannaSOS is a social and informative resource fully dedicated to medical marijuana. This is the largest cannabis platform in North America that is offering an answer to establishment media and banking institutions attempts to stifle the political unity for a society with cannabis. CannaSOS has united users, patients, marijuana legalization activists, medical professionals, cannabis producers, vendors and experts under one roof since January 2015.

Traction and Use Case

Startups often fail to appreciate the gap between technology and value proposition. This is all too often painfully evident in the cryptocurrency space with token offerings. For social products like CannaSOS, the value proposition is a combination of technology and the content that users create.

Since the value of the overall networks is scaled by content creation, CannaSOS has focused on growing the creator base along with its user base.

Why Blockchain?

The network effects of Blockchain are changing the way global industries perform transactions and share data. This shift provides benefits for digital markets, online advertising being one of the fastest growing industries. Several companies have tried to integrate a solution through token offerings but CannaSOS already has a working solution and rewards based platform with thousands of users. Blockchain ICO has proved itself adaptable to dozens of high-impact use cases. Companies need to develop compelling applications to make a real impact. This is already happening with CannaSOS.

Deleting the Middlemen

The companies investing in advertising are only capturing a fraction of the value due to the intermediaries involved. Blockchain can solve this by creating much better value for ad campaigns. In finance, cutting out the middleman means eliminating the use of banks. CannaSOS will do that as they reach critical mass gaining network effect while developing strategic industry partnerships. In marketing, these central authorities could be Twitter or Facebook acting as gatekeepers to your customers and prospects, dictating the dependability of your ad campaigns.

Data Driven Future

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it will take closer note of what drives their decision making. That data collection is going to give provide insights that drive innovative marketing strategies and influence product development.

The future in the quality of a marketing campaign depends on data. CannaSOS has 4,800+ marijuana strain database, 8,500+ user strain reviews, over 3,200,000 strain page views, 3700+ posted articles. With such a robust platform and industry partnerships, CannaSOS is striving towards critical mass to penetrate the cannabis community of both businesses and consumers.

Tokenization of the Cannabis Industry: Digital Marketing and Banking

After developing their platform and user base, CannaSOS developed Perkcoin as a customer retention and participation strategy. Perkcoin is a unique points system and an exclusive bonus program available to all users. The coins reward users for social participation and customer loyalty.

Learn more here: One Coin To Rule the Cannabis Industry

The CannaSOS Wallet has been updated with the ability to combine cryptocurrency wallets with the CannaSOS existing wallet for its reward system.
This will allow existing users to add PerksCoin Tokens (PCT) into their wallets. This will allow users to begin purchasing advertising, products, and other services on the CannaSOS platform after the token sale is complete ensuring immediate use. This is vital to the platform’s success and for investors who are looking to PRC token as a crypto cannabis solution with an established user base and compelling use case.

Strategic Partnerships To Set Industry Standards

As the whitelist of investors continues to grow with the platform’s user base, CannaSOS and PCTToken’s strive to continuously form long-term mutually beneficial industry relationships that position them as the premier platform and token within the cannabis community. This offers a huge competitive advantage and use case, with their foothold within the digital marketing cannabis vertical they are already providing specific solutions to one of the industries greatest problems.

They are strategically expanding their professional partnerships to provide further integrations into the financial infrastructure within the cannabis community. As their platform continues to further integrate into the cannabis industry, leveraging their growing user base and tokenizing their reward system, PCTToken is positioned to set the standard for the Cannabis and CryptoCurrency Industry.


NaturePay: a cannabis banking and merchant services company who has worked in the industry for over thirty years across the payments processing landscape which includes software, hardware, retail and restaurant POS systems, merchant accounts, ATM’s, e-commerce accounts, ACH and mobile payments.

Pundi X a platform for to enable cryptocurrencies to be used in retail settings through a Point of Sale a mobile app and a contactless payment card.

CannaLogic  an e-commerce, seed to sale and POS company which will incorporate PerksCoin token into their systems after the token offering. Cannalogic is the only validated company that provides a white label e-commerce solution to Dispensary owners internationally.

Through their growing user-base within Global PTP Ecosystem and strategic alignments with top tier cannabis financial solution providers, PerksCoin will become be positioned as the premier crypto cannabis coin, serving as both a loyalty and transactional token.

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