Blockchain has become an intensely mainstream business strategy that is now being used in everything, from marketing strategy to brand new ICO solutions for businesses. With so many new businesses not trusting blockchain technology it’s extremely important that modern businesses include blockchain as part of their marketing strategy.

If you are a business that is interested in accepting blockchain currencies such as bitcoin for example, the process may actually be much simpler than you think. With e-commerce, you just need to get started by accepting payments through linking the Bitcoin accepted here sign. This acceptance of blocking technology will increase the awareness of your customers.

If you have a physical business you can also accept blockchain technology by keeping a smartphone or tablet at the till. This will allow you to generate a QR code on the fly for the total amount of bitcoins at a current exchange rate for the goods or services that are about to be exchanged. Just as easily as you would use square pay or another point of service, you can quickly transfer over the total amount of bitcoins that you would like to accept.

Using blockchain currency could also be a big part of your marketing strategy. By allowing payments using bitcoins and other established cryptocurrency could help you to generate new opportunities for your business. Depending on the popularity, you can even submit brand-new ICO solutions that could serve as gift cards for your business in the future.

As blockchain continues to become more mainstream it may be just a matter of time before we start to see new forms of independent currency serving as store credit solutions!