A lot of people, including Elon Musk, seem to suggest that the AI is going to become a problem in the near future. But the reality is that the AI is very helpful nowadays and it can even undertake some of the challenges that we encounter on a day to day basis. Few know what the future holds, and this is something to watch. We view AI as a tool that can be used to empower humanity in business and beyond if used consciously.

How AI Is Changing Marketing

The AI revolution in marketing stems from the influx of affordable data analytics tools, rich datasets, and acceptance among digital marketers of the power of data-driven marketing approaches.

Marketers have more insight-related tools at their disposal that facilitate data-driven decision making, but AI is needed to help integrate these tools, datasets and platforms.

Consumers are changing due to AI-powered tools and devices being involved in consumer search, choice set construction and purchase decision making, and as this becomes more widespread and feels normal to consumers, AI will start to automate certain consumer decisions.

As consumer-facing AI-powered systems for things like product recommendations become more reliable and powerful, we’ll all start to “outsource” more of our consumer search and choice set construction tasks to AI. For marketers, this has implications ranging from new advertising methods to new customer relationship dynamics.

Marketing leaders need to understand AI and how it impacts both marketers and consumers. It is imperative to think broadly and creatively about the AI-powered future of marketing and take proactive steps to prepare your organization to capitalize on the future landscape.


If you want to create quality products in the age of AI, you need to be very creative and you have to simplify your offer. People won’t really adapt to something you offer, you need to try and find a good way to make some changes to the offer on your own. This is going to be quite challenging at first, but it will offer you a good way to offer higher standard AI related services that are suitable for the main public. Simplicity is key, and the results are more than ok because of it.

Start Thinking in Systems

Adding the system thinking idea allows you to bring in front better solutions while also interacting with the best tech out there. After all, your app will be as good as the tools that it uses in the background. Basically, if you want to have value and quality, you need to start using the best possible third parties to rely on.

Use the Power of Today

Make sure that you invest in the new tech. Those may be the technologies of tomorrow, so investing in them can be a very good idea. Of course, this means you have to support creativity in any format it can appear, but once you do that, the overall results can be more than amazing for sure.

One thing is certain, creativity and AI can blend very well if you use them rightfully. Just try to make sure that you study the impact of what you want to offer and bring in simplicity to the table, as that will help you the most.

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