About Me

Patrick Camuso is the founder of Camuso Media & Consulting who set out to design a firm that transcends standard industry client service models by taking an entrepreneurial approach to deliver clients the level of service and attention they require in an increasingly complex and rapidly developing business landscape.

Patrick has a background consulting at one of the top Big 4 professional service firms for over 5 years in two of the country’s hottest cities, NYC and Charlotte, specifically within the investment management and real estate space and consulting for the world’s premier asset managers, real estate companies and retailers. Afterwards, Patrick established Camuso CPA, consulting to real estate and cryptocurrency investors along with small businesses nationwide.

Developing his own practice and consulting to the cryptocurrency industry, Patrick developed the business-case and proprietary technology for marketing automation and investor relations. He has combined this with his financial, blockchain and business expertise to help new and existing business sectors with research analytics, and data-driven results.

Patrick developed Camuso Media & Consulting to specifically serve the market that he knows best, Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology. Leveraging advanced knowledge and experience in finance and tax with top-tier teams, large data sets and cutting-edge marketing systems, Patrick has developed a system tailored to service a community of professionals across the world, taking a collaborative approach to grow any Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology related business or investment portfolio.

About Our Firm

Camuso Media & Consulting is focused on forming business partnerships, not collecting clients. Camuso Media & Consulting delivers valuable, on-going support that is relevant, preemptive and timely with the highest level of excellence and quality to every client that forges a business partnership and joins our growing community of clients in across the globe.

Camuso Media & Consulting takes an entrepreneurial approach in providing tailored opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs in order to grow their business, or achieve any sales, business and financial objective during all stages of business development.

Patrick Camuso set out to design a firm that stood out from the standard industry by taking a unique approach and delivering a level of service and dedication to his clients that are based in a rapidly changing industry.

Our top priority is building a relationship with our clients and the businesses they run. No matter what you need, we can work with you!

Our Service Approach

Ongoing Support

All of our businesses receive comprehensive support from our dedicated team. We take a very proactive approach when it comes to our clients’ questions. Our communication is top-notch with our clients. We will get back to you about your questions as soon as possible. We make it as convenient for you as possible.

Upfront Pricing

We won’t hide our price from you. When you join our team, you will know what we charge. We’re not in the business of keeping secrets from our clients.

Technology Driven

We use the most cutting-edge technology to help you in your business endeavours and in keeping your business safe from a cyber breach. You and your business matter to us. We put our communication techniques first so that you’ll be able to contact us whenever you need assistance from our team.

Core Values

We are driven to exceed your expectations and the expectations of your business. We believe that each of our clients are unique and requires dedicated focus. We are in the business of delivering valuable insight to our clients.

Our goal is to provide services to you with Integrity, Excellence and Quality. If we are not living up to our standards, we will work with you to improve our services.

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